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The Vincenzo Bona offers its production technology in order to meet every enquiry of flexibility: from glossy paper, mono and double paper board to low grammage paper. Our offset machines in size 120x160 are able to print contents in four different colours with paper as light as 45 gsm. Magazines, catalogues, art books, brochure and leaflet are only a few of the items we are able to produce.

The Vincenzo Bona also offers to its customers the opportunity to print in four colours in a rotary press thanks to the web offset printing technology. This kind of technology is particularly suitable on satisfying the needs of large-scale retail trade and the periodical publishing.



02-07-2018 5189

Espresso Book Machine®

Now available in Italy at Mondadori Store. Now, thanks to Prospero, the Italian publishers can take advantage of this innovative sales channel.

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02-07-2018 4138

Historical company registry

The story of the Vincenzo Bona typography started in 1777, when the Patria typography opened in Turin. After few ownership transition, in the 30’s of the 1800 century, Vincenzo Bona...

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04-07-2018 4035

Confindustria award

The Vincenzo Bona, leader in the printing and publishing industry from 1777, has been given an award in Rome, on the 26 May 2010.  

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